Required and recommended fixes for WebSphere Commerce version 7

Required, recommended, and latest fixes

WebSphere Application Server required fixes

Fix Type Comments
WebSphere Application Server version 7.0 Fix Pack 3 Fix Pack 3 The required level of WebSphere Application Server is, and this version is installed if you use the WebSphere Application Server DVD image packaged with WebSphere Commerce.

Note: The fixes listed on this page are specific to version It is not recommended that you upgrade your WebSphere Application Server level to or at this time.
PK96229 APAR Addresses an issue where in some certain conditions, some sensitive information might be logged in ffdc data.
PK98999 APAR Addresses an issue where the Application Profile service is not closing EAR file resources.
PK99815 APAR Addresses an issue with slow application deployment resulting from zip file decompression overhead
Note: If you do not install WebSphere Application Server from the DVD image packaged with WebSphere Commerce, you must also make sure you have all of the Fixes included in the WebSphere Application Server Customized Installation Package

IBM HTTP Server required fixes

Fix Type Comments
PK96410 APAR Addresses an issue where “proxy: error reading status line from remote server” appears in the error log intermittently
PK98225 APAR Addresses an issue where some responses that could have been cached were not being cached, resulting in possible lower performance.

DB2 Universal Database required fixes

Fix Type Comments
DB2 Universal Database Version 9.5.4 Fix Pack The required version of DB2 Universal Database is Version 9.5.4, and this version is installed if you use the DB2 DVD image provided by WebSphere Commerce.

Lotus Connections required fix information

Fix Type Comments
LO43917 APAR This fix is required for the Lotus Connections integration with Social Commerce to work.
LO43747 APAR Obtain these two fixes by registering for Lotus Greenhouse and then accessing the following URL:

LO44560 APAR

Fixes included in the WebSphere Application Server

Customized Installation Package

The WebSphere Application Server DVD packaged with WebSphere Commerce contains a collection of fixes called a Customized Installation Package (CIP). This page lists all of the fixes contained in this Customized Installation Package. If you do not install WebSphere Application Server using the DVDs or images provided by WebSphere Commerce, you must ensure these fixes are installed.

The CIP is installed by following the steps in Preparing your systems to run the WebSphere Commerce installation wizard, or as part of the normal installation steps of a quick or custom installation whenever you install WebSphere Application Server from the DVDs or DVD images provided by WebSphere Commerce.

Note: The WebSphere Application Server Customized Installation Package also contains WebSphere Application Server Version 7 Fix pack 3, and upgrades any WebSphere Application Server version installation to version (along with installing the fixes listed on this page).
APAR Abstract (Notes) Where to obtain this fix individually
PK77428 The getDistributedMap method does not return the base cache, but rather the default cache. WebSphere Application Server support
PK78286 Null pointer exception during initialization of Virtual Member Manager’s (VMM) dynacache WebSphere Application Server support
PK78134 Security flag is incorrect when Websphere Member Manager (WMM) is migrated to Virtual Member Manager (VMM) WebSphere Application Server support
PK79324 A null pointer exception is thrown when attempting to evaluate the cache name string. WebSphere Application Server support
PK77017 The text output from the WebSphere Application Server ANT tasks may fail to display special characters on non-English systems. WebSphere Application Server support
PK78654 The message “DualMetaDataLoade E loadWebContainerPorts could not find any http or https ports” might appear in the JVM log. WebSphere Application Server support
PK87356 AccessException is caught when Federated User Registries is used in Security Domain WebSphere Application Server support
PK91232 Inter-bus links created between V6.0 and V7.0 buses with dots in their names fail to start with CWSIP0041E errors. WebSphere Application Server support
PK91622 EJBDeploy encounters a PackageNotFoundException if the CMP backend database model file (dbm) contains diagram information WebSphere Application Server support
PK86137 Database User Password is printed in FFDC log in cleartext. WebSphere Application Server support
PK89517 NullPointerException occurred when call to runUnderUOW was made with option UOW_TYPE_ACTIVITYSESSION specified. WebSphere Application Server support
PK50921 Settings in the ibm-jcajndi.props for Java 2 Connector (J2C) connection factory in an embedded resource adapter are not used. WebSphere Application Server support
PK93786 Timestamp attribute of an LDAP server may not be parsed correctly if it contains fractions of a second. WebSphere Application Server support
PK91245 When the <required> attribute is set to false a cache id may not be generated. WebSphere Application Server support
PK96517 When a request object contains the previewRequest attribute invalidations are not always triggered. WebSphere Application Server support
PK95422 Plug-in generator does not produce all url-patterns if the application is based on Servlet Spec 2.5. WebSphere Application Server support
PK97404 SHIP SDK APAR IZ60215 AS WAS IFIXApplying this WebSphere Application Server Java SDK Interim Fix will upgrade your Java V6.0 SDK to SR5 plus IZ60215. WebSphere Application Server support

time stampLast updated: 03 February 2010


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